Wednesday, May 20, 2015

CEO of Samsung Mobile, JK Shin said today that the Galaxy Note 5 would be unveiled soon. The Korean intends to follow its roadmap to the letter regardless of Apple's plans.

Samsung wants to score a home run with its future Galaxy Note 5 and above as soon as possible. The idea for the famous Korean brand would thus overtake the main competitors of the end of the year beginning with the eternal rival Apple whose custom launch its new iPhone in September. An announcement in July could give a decisive advantage to Samsung.
 The Galaxy Note 4 would have a successor earlier than expected!

In 2014, the Galaxy Note 4 had been formalized just before the IFA in Berlin. This is the key event for Samsung for several years but the company could modify its plan of attack for announcing new products much earlier, in late July according WhoWired. Is that the strategy chosen to make available the Galaxy Note 5 in September at retailers?

The idea is not so crazy. And Apple has a habit of making his keynotes on the end of the month to announce the new iPhone available in stride. Having such an advance would be a godsend for Samsung. The manufacturer would apply the experienced and proven with the Galaxy S, a formalization and a fast sale then.

According to the latest rumors, Samsung Display would be able to produce Ultra-HD AMOLED screens of 3840 x 2160 pixels by 2015, enough to equip the Galaxy Note 5 on time. In the same vein, the rumors suggest Rating 5 with a 5.89-inch display while its counterpart Edge would have a diagonal of 5.78 inches.

With these diagonals, the pixel density would be about 700 PPP, a performance never achieved. The interest could then be in viewing 4K content on their device or using the famous Gear VR, the virtual reality helmet designed by Samsung . Two uses that tend to become standards of tomorrow.

Like the Galaxy S6, the Galaxy Note 5 could be powered by an Exynos SoC, the 7422, which could integrate CPU, GPU, RAM, storage and modem on the same chip. This would be a breakthrough in miniaturization for Samsung. See you in July so if all goes well.

Galaxy Note 5: Non, Samsung will not advance his announcement in July